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UK ISP's Angered By BT's ADSL2+ Delays
By: MarkJ - 15 November, 2006 (12:42 PM)

Internet providers and consumers alike have been frustrated by BT's feet dragging over the introduction of advanced ADSL2+ technologies. Similar services have been offered through rival LLU providers since 2005:

PlusNet, a large Sheffield-based ISP which resells BT's wholesale services, is frustrated by the delays to ADSL2+. "Through conversations with our customers and our user group, we know the demand for higher speeds is there," Neil Armstrong, PlusNet's product development director, told ZDNet UK. "It has always been on our roadmap to trial ADSL2+."

Armstrong took issue with BT's assertions that its delays had the agreement of ISPs. "It's frustrating that BT Wholesale can't match the timescale of the LLU providers," he said, adding that PlusNet may turn to Tiscali, another wholesale service provider, if BT can't provide what it needs.

Broadband customers are also unhappy with the ADSL2+ timescale. One told ZDNet UK, "When we hear of [NTL's] trials of 50Mbps services taking place elsewhere and we are stuck on 8Mbps max, it's a bit annoying to find that hopes of seeing faster speeds are delayed."

Unfortunately BT has a somewhat larger and far more technical job when it comes to deploying new services, making a fair comparison almost impossible.

However many would still agree that BT has taken far too long with ADSL2+ and is now a good two years behind the competition. Typically one must also consider that ADSL2+ itself will not bring vast speed improvements to everybody, with many only seeing a marginal increase.

Presently BTís ADSL2+ introduction is due to begin later next year, complete with a lengthy and time consuming rollout process.

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