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Remaining Fast24 Suppliers To Pull The Plug
By: MarkJ - 09 November, 2006 (12:29 PM)

Those still holding out hope of Fast24's resurrection will be displeased to learn that two of the ISP's remaining suppliers, NetServices and Tiscali, are to follow UKSolutions and pull the plug next Friday:

Fast24 customers are being offered the chance to "rescue" their connection by moving over to EzeeDSL, a brand of Leeds-based business ISP 186K. Tiscali and NetServices have appointed 186K to put up a "walled garden" for Fast24 users when they try to connect, which will offer the chance to enter into a 12 month contract with the new provider.

Tiscali and NetServices won't be dishing out MACs to those who don't sign up for EzeeDSL. They say it is a breach of their customers' - Fast24 - confidentiality. Provision of MACs is currently ungoverned by Ofcom, though the regulator has unveiled proposals to take over the increasing fractious business.

Some of you may be familiar with the name EzeeDSL and that's because they "rescued" E7even's customers in an identical fashion when that ISP collapsed earlier in the year. A quick news archives search turns up some of the history - here.

The Register's news will no doubt cause a great deal of anger and frustration, once again highlighting the markets weakest point, migration flexibility, or lack thereof.

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