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ntl:Telewest Tops 2,980,400 Broadband Customers
By: MarkJ - 09 November, 2006 (9:13 AM)

Cable operator ntl:Telewest, which will soon become 'Virgin Media', has issued its latest financial report for the third quarter of 2006. The group also revealed plans to begin trials of a 50Mbps broadband service this month:

We continue to experience strongest growth in the number of broadband subscribers. Gross additions were 265,000, an increase of 13% over the previous quarter, driven by our reinvigorated marketing and compelling offers.

Net additions were 78,100 in the quarter, down from 104,900 in the second quarter. This reduction was driven by an increase in churn, with disconnects growing by 58,000. Of this, 47,000 disconnects were in old NTL areas. The number of disconnections was impacted by the customer churn issues discussed above. Churn was also impacted by a high number of disconnections from customers who had joined old-NTL in the third quarter of 2005 on a 9.99 stand-alone broadband offer, who have now come to the end of their promotional period.

Broadband penetration stands at 25.2% of our marketable homes, leaving significant room for further growth.

As an end-to-end network owner, we have competitive strengths in the quality of broadband service that we offer. Customers can receive consistent speeds no matter where they live on our network and our top speed of 10Mb is available throughout our broadband addressable areas. In November, we will be launching a commercial trial of a 50Mb broadband service to paying customers.

Dialup customers declined once again from 113,300 during Q2 to 97,000 in Q3. By contrast broadband users increased from 2,902,300 to 2,980,400 over the same period.

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