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How To - Recover Fast24 Domains (.UK)
By: MarkJ - 08 November, 2006 (9:31 AM)

One of Fast24's domain name service (Domainbuster.com) customers, Jim Howe, has put together a handy little guide for those wishing to recover their .UK domain.

Sadly this process will not work with .COM or .NET domains because they are registered through BulkRegister.com, which many have also had problems communicating with:

Each UK domain has a 'Tag' which allows a particular service provider (or 'Tag Holder') to manage it. It is that tag that we need to change. Arrange with your chosen host to provide whatever services you require for the domain concerned. Explain that the domain is currently tagged as being operated by Fast24 Ltd, and that you need to go through the tag change procedure to move the domain to your new provider.

You will need:

- Your domain name
- A UK Driving license with address, or a recent utility bill
- A debit or credit card for the Nominet fee, which is 10.00+VAT (11.75) (You can pay by cheque, but this slows the whole process down)
- The new service providers name, and registry tag
- Software capable of reading and printing Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents.

The remaining process can be found on The Register and we have included a direct link to the item - HERE. So far we haven't heard anything new on Fast24's situation since yesterday, although it's looking very bleak.

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