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Orange's New Broadband, Landline & Mobile Bundle
By: MarkJ - 01 November, 2006 (1:08 PM)

Orange has today launched a new bundle known as 'Unique Phone', which combines an ‘up to’ 8Mbps broadband connection with mobile and landline voice calls into a single package from £50 per month:

Built with simplicity and convenience in mind, Unique is a single handset that provides all the benefits of a mobile phone, whilst offering great cost savings that include unlimited calls to UK landlines and Orange mobiles when at home.

Available in Orange retail stores, from the Orange web site, and by phone through Orange customer services, Unique combines the traditional home phone and mobile within a single device, allowing customers to move freely inside and outside of the home, without interrupting their conversation.

For just £50 a month, customers receive one of three sleek handsets, (The Nokia 6136 available immediately with the Motorola A910 and Samsung P200 coming soon) and a combined communications package that includes 600 mobile minutes to any network, unlimited calls to UK landlines and Orange mobiles when you are at home, up to 8Meg wireless broadband, and the ability to make up to 400 texts per month.

Simple to use, Unique works in the following way:

* Whilst at home, Unique connects in WiFi mode to the Orange Livebox (a wireless modem provided free on loan) and calls are routed via the Internet, offering enhanced coverage inside the house

* Outside, it works just like a standard mobile, with calls routed over the Orange mobile network

Unique also puts an end to domestic squabbling over who gets to use the home phone, with each Livebox capable of connecting up to six Unique handsets, and allowing three users to make calls or surf the net at any one time. Customers receive one single and simple to follow bill and a dedicated customer helpline for registration and in-life queries.

Much as has been the criticism of other such bundles, it is not immediately clear whether the £50 per month price tag includes or excludes line rental. Further details can be found at their website: http://www.orange.co.uk/uniquephone .

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