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Three's 3G Mobile Internet Resurrection Risk
By: MarkJ - 21 November, 2006 (9:33 AM)

3G mobile phone operator '3' (three) will face an uphill struggle when attempting to re-introduce mobile broadband Internet access back into the market (here). That's the view of Haran Sold, the vice president and managing director for analysts Keynote Systems:

According to 3 the handsets, which will be launched in the UK on 1 December and in other markets in early 2007, will offer "use of mobile internet services free at the time of use, for a flat fee".

Sold, however, has cautioned the mobile operator, warning it to avoid the traps that other mobile internet solutions have fallen into.

"People are avoiding the mobile internet because of high costs and poor experience when using the technology," he said. "If the mobile internet is to be successful, it must be both useful and usable."

To date no specific service details or pricing have been reveal and until that time we will not know how viable the product will be.

Regardless, we'd love to have consumer affordable 3G data access on the move with our laptops, unfortunately 3's service already sounds as if it's being geared towards specific uses as opposed to general access. More @ Web-User.

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