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EU To Get Tough On SPAM + Pigs Can Fly!
By: MarkJ - 29 November, 2006 (12:47 PM)

Every time a politician talks about getting tough on SPAM (junk e-mail) it usually ends up having no impact. Now the European Commission (EC) has called upon all sectors (governments, ISP's etc.) to join the "fight":

Despite existing EU legislation to outlaw spam, Europe continues to "suffer from illegal online activities from inside the EU and from third countries", the Commission said in an announcement on Tuesday. It wants national authorities to step up their actions to prosecute illegal online activities.

"It is time to turn the repeated political concern about spam into concrete actions to fight spam," said Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and Media.

"In line with EU legislation outlawing spam, the Dutch authorities have managed to cut domestic spam by 85 percent ó I'd like to see other countries achieving similar results through more efficient enforcement. I will revisit this issue again next year to see whether additional legislative measures against spam are required," Reding added.

It's good to see that Europe is finally starting to take SPAM seriously; unfortunately today's news appears to be little more than political window dressing. Until ALL global governments take a united and truly no-nonsense approach then the problem will never go away.

Sadly most politicians have a very two dimensional view of what is a three dimensional problem. Merely asking ISPís to offer filtering technology, which can often cause almost as many problems as it solves (legitimate mail removal etc.), is not enough. More @ ZDNet.

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