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NetServices Issues Ex-Biscit 'Cease' Update
By: MarkJ - 27 November, 2006 (12:59 PM)

NetServices has issued an update on the progress of their bulk ADSL broadband cease request to BT Wholesale, which relates to the recent Biscit/V Two One (V21) dispute:

NetServices would like to confirm that, as of Friday November 24th, the bulk cease request was placed with BT Wholesale. This request applies to all Biscit CSP (V21) end users who have not transferred their services to the alternative supplier EzeeDSL.

NetServices have requested that this cease request be processed as quickly as possible by BT, however neither BT Wholesale nor NetServices can provide an absolute date for this. Standard processing timescales by BT Wholesale are within 10 working days which would mean the final date would be at the latest December 11th however we would very much hope it can be completed prior to then. Once the cease has completed end users should note that they are free to move to any provider and will not require a MAC code to do this. We will continue to advise on any updates on date of cease as and when we are notified by BT and provide information on our website.

In the interim, and until the ceases are final, NetServices will continue to provide free broadband connectivity to all end users involved. Costs for this are being borne by NetServices and are not, and will not be passed onto end users. Since the provision of free broadband to the Biscit CSP (V21) on Wednesday 22nd, NetServices has received numerous calls from end users and would like to advise that all billing enquiries need to be dealt with by their ISP, Biscit CSP or relayed to Ofcom as appropriate.

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