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Three (3) Disables Roaming for Mobile Broadband
By: MarkJ - 08 July, 2008 (8:45 AM)

Mobile operator Three (3) has decided to disable international roaming (only in non 3 markets) for its UK Mobile Broadband users. Customers will now need to contact the operator before they go abroad to have the restriction lifted and be made aware of any additional costs.

The move appears to be in response to recent concerns over roaming data bills, where some customers have failed to realise that their usage allowances do not carry over when outside of the UK. Yesterday saw one of Vodafone's customers being hit by a 31,500 bill for doing just that (here).

However, it would be better for the operators to clarify roaming charges and limitations directly on their package details as opposed to being hidden away in small print. Then there would be no need for a restriction.

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