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UK ISP Tiscali Complaints Top 200
By: MarkJ - 06 June, 2008 (10:21 AM)

Tiscali has yet again managed to top the 200 'ISP Complaints' mark since the beginning of this year, when our list was reset. We've also posted a small sample of this weeks most recent gripes below.

To be fair though, we have seen fewer complaints in comparison to previous years. However, the age old customer support and billing issues that existed four years ago continue to manifest themselves today.

I am writing to provide further details regarding issues encountered with Tiscali over the past 12 months. These can be summarised into three key areas:
  1. Billing issues resulting from cheque payments (for telephone calls) being deducted from the fixed monthly broadband direct debit payment.

  2. Disconnection of broadband service on several occasions due to claimed non-payment - despite funds having already cleared my account.

  3. My receipt of a letter from a debt collection agency acting on behalf of Tiscali aiming to recover amounts owed on the account.
By - David

I signed up earlier this month and received a connection date for approximately 2 weeks in the future. It would appear this is to prevent me from being able to cancel once I find out how rubbish the service is as you only have 10 days to cancel penalty free. How I wish I had a time machine.

The TV channels I was promised would be included (Hallmark, C1) were NOT and when I complained they acted as though I was just interested in an upgrade and told me how - at an additional cost of 6 per month I could receive these channels. I wanted to cancel my contract immediately but despite contacting them within 24 hours they imply that I am locked in for the full 12 months.

The broadband connection is supposed to be 8MB but rarely lifts above 1/2MB. It drops out at least once a day and because they change the routing table every 20 minutes or every minute! in the afternoon I can't work from home over my VPN.

It's totally useless for the purpose I purchased it which is to work from home whenever possible. This is not a high bandwidth activity but it would seem their technical team don't want you to do this.

I want to cancel penalty free and go to another provider that doesn't charge for technical issues that appear to be designed into the system so this company can make money from their own incompetence.

By - Rowan

The story is a long one and began last year in October. In a nutshell, I have continually experienced zero support or indeed communication from Tiscali. I feel I was duped into a contract which was implemented when they felt like it and not when they said it would be. After 4 weeks of waiting I had to get a new internet provider as I had been told it would take approx six days to get me on line and I needed the internet. I constantly rang Tiscali for information and kept being told 'a few days' each time I emailed them from work, I just got an automated response which didn't help at all.

I wrote to Tiscali, in January, after receiving a final demand for a payment, which only came once I cancelled my unused direct debit, sending 2 letters to different addresses. It took 2 MONTHS to get a generic response back saying that I had called them and the matter is sorted - I hadn't.

I left the matter thinking it my have been resolved then - as I am not trying to cause trouble for the sake of it - I have a life!

But since, I have begun to receive letters from a debt recovery agency!

By - Catherine

Note: we are only able to forward complaints on to Tiscali's higher levels if they include clear permission for us to do so and related details. Please see our complaints page (linked at the top) for more.

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