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ISP Marketing Fails to Communicate with Customers
By: MarkJ - 14 July, 2008 (1:14 PM)

New research conducted by MarketingUK has revealed that less than half (49.7%) of marketers from the UK's top 1000 companies think that ISPs use multi-channel communications effectively with their customers:

"Increased churn rates, falling charges and the availability of bundled and unbundled options require an increment in customer communication to build awareness, but all this comes at a cost. Unless the message reaches the customer through a channel they are comfortable with responding to, the chance is lost," comments Richard Higginbotham, Head of Marketing at CDMS.

"While ISPs ranked averagely at just under 50%, disappointing as they are providers of one of the most successful marketing channels, overall results are not much rosier with not even one of the industries surveyed scored over 70. Anecdotal evidence hints to the lack of expertise and technological investment needed to carry out ongoing data capture, insight and delivery of communication as a potential hindrance to ongoing and true multi-channel messaging. Perhaps ISPs should follow the model of Mobile Telecoms that are confronting fierce competition with personalised, time and channel sensitive approaches."

Travel was ranked the highest with 66.8%, followed by the Mobile phone industry 64.1%, Banks 60.8%, Insurance 60.8%, Retail 58.0%, Credit card 57.3% and Automotive 50.9%. Both the government (local & central) and National Health Service (NHS) came bottom with 31.8% and 31.6% respectively.

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