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ISP Vispa Internet Increases Broadband Capacity
By: MarkJ - 06 March, 2009 (8:57 AM)

UK ISP Vispa Internet has announced the purchase of an additional 155MBps central pipe (broadband bandwidth) from BT, costing the provider upwards of 250,000. The move will be welcomed by subscribers, some of which have noted a recent dip in performance:

Vispa Statement

Over the past eighteen months, the broadband internet market has changed considerably with the introduction of new providers, on-going BT Wholesale price changes and vague delivery times of BTs new WBC (24MBps services). It has been very difficult for us as a company to plan the best way forward and most certainly it would have been unwise to commit to such an order with BT given the uncertainty of BTs future services.

Having reviewed all our options and conducted lengthy meetings with BT Wholesale, taking into account the estimated delivery times of WBC & IP Stream Connect services in Q4 2009, we feel that now is the perfect time to secure extra broadband capacity with BT as stepping stone towards WBC services later this year.

No specific installation date for the new capacity has been revealed, although Vispa expects it to be around late April 2009. Customers are being told to expect a "pleasant improvement" in broadband speeds.

Take note that Vispas statement refers to MBs (MegaBytes) and we suspect that this needs correcting to Mb (Megabits), which is not a mistake wed expect from an ISP :) .

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