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February 2009 Top 10 Broadband ISP Speed Table
By: MarkJ - 03 March, 2009 (9:47 AM)

Comparison site broadband.co.uk has released its latest anecdotal monthly broadband speed testing results for February 2009, which show that Virgin Media continues to hold its top position with an average download speed of 6.127Mbps (6.018Mbps in Jan'09).

Close rival O2 (Be Broadband) also managed to retain second place and even clawed back some speed, hitting 5.735Mbps in comparison to last month’s 5.319Mbps. They also remained in top position for upload performance with 0.755Mbps:

Top 10 ISPs for Download Speed
Virgin Media - 6.127Mbps
O2 (Be Broadband) - 5.735Mbps
Sky Broadband - 3.519Mbps
Orange - 3.118Mbps
TalkTalk - 3.101Mbps
PlusNet - 2.869Mbps
Eclipse Internet - 2.851Mbps
Tiscali - 2.446Mbps
BT - 2.401Mbps
AOL - 2.150Mbps

Top 10 ISPs for Upload Speed
O2 (Be Broadband) - 0.755Mbps
Virgin Media - 0.507Mbps
TalkTalk - 0.419Mbps
Orange - 0.408Mbps
Sky Broadband - 0.398Mbps
Eclipse Internet - 0.393Mbps
PlusNet - 0.363Mbps
Tiscali - 0.350Mbps
BT - 0.318Mbps
AOL - 0.305Mbps

The average download speed of all UK tests combined was 3.833Mbps, which is a strong improvement over January's 3.659Mbps and puts the country on target for a 4Mbps average. Most ISPs seemed to gain some speed this month with very few suffering a decline.

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