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Eight out of Ten Small Businesses use Home Broadband
By: MarkJ - 09 March, 2009 (1:23 PM)

The latest study by Redshift Research for UK business ISP Pipex (Tiscali) has revealed that the majority of small businesses (79%) use their home broadband connection for professional use. In contrast, just under half (48%) use pure office/business broadband.

When asked which the most frequent method of connection is, two thirds (64%) stated home broadband and only a third (30%) said office/business broadband. Some 55% of respondents said they are at their most productive when working from home compared to 35% who say they are most productive working from the office.

Working from home can have many advantages, including flexibility and saving time on commuting – the respondents said they spend on average one to two hours every day commuting. This may explain why the majority feel they get more done working at home:

Lance Spencer, Product and Marketing Director at Pipex, says: "The research clearly shows that broadband is a vital business tool and with such easy access, the office may no longer be the preferred working environment. Working from home can be just as effective, however, home broadband tends to be consumer grade and does not come with the features and support of a dedicated business package."

Small businesses are now so reliant on broadband that 69% of respondents to the survey said that “not being able to connect to internet” was the most frustrating situation followed by “not getting access to your emails” (60%) – both were more frustrating than losing your keys (28%) or your mobile phone (31%), cancelled appointments (22%) and traffic jams (31%).

Broadband is also considered easy to set up and use – 77% said they found it “easy or very easy” to set up and only 7% found it difficult.

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