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New Sky Broadband Service (Picnic) Details Leaked
By: MarkJ - 25 February, 2008 (9:09 AM)

It's been nearly five months since Sky (BSkyB) revealed the first official details of a forthcoming new broadband service, known as 'Picnic' (original news). Since then Sky has stayed quiet, pending Ofcoms approval of the service; in fact we'd nearly forgotten about it.

Mercifully SkyUser has ended the information draught by publishing further unofficial details, although precise package specifics remain somewhat elusive:

We have been informed that Picnic is open to employees only throughout the testing stages and will be launching in the VERY near future.

Picnic has acquired a new version of the Netgear router and the installation disk is even easier to follow. Picnic Broadband is only available for self installation hence why they have simplified it even more. We assume this is code named the V4 router. The router has a non removable aerial. The CD is simple! The Software within the router has been updated and a few bugs have been fixed. Apparently made even MORE secure.

Sadly the modular broadband, TV and phone service still needs a number of ticks from Ofcom before it can proceed. Picnic is also expected to be slightly more expensive than Sky's existing services because it does not REQUIRE their TV package as well.

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