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Spitfire Launch 2Mbps DualStream SDSL Broadband Service
By: MarkJ - 13 February, 2008 (1:08 PM)

Business ISP Spitfire has today announced the launch of its new DualStream SDSL broadband (symmetric - same speed both ways) service. The new product provides customers with two separate DSL circuits routing via different paths to the Internet and costs from upwards of £85 per month for a 2Mbps connection.

The primary circuit is provided by Spitfire’s LLUStream (unbundled) SDSL and the back up circuit is supplied by Spitfire’s IPStream ADSL. Spitfire can supply the same IP addresses to both the primary and the back-up circuits so that in the event of the Primary circuits failure the back-up IPStream ADSL circuit can connect to the same IP range in about 90 seconds. This means that an office and even remote workers are able to reconnect to the Internet within minutes of Primary circuit failure:

For Spitfire Susie Ward, Marketing and HR Director, says of DualStream SDSL, “We recognise that for an increasing number of our customers an Internet connection is now critical to their business activity and a connection failure can mean lost sales revenues. At the same time few customers can afford mission critical class redundancy protection for their Internet connection. DualStream SDSL provides a resilient solution that is affordable and provides reassurance”.

DualStream SDSL has been designed as a low cost Internet back-up service with a one-time connection charge of £250. An entry level service costing £85 a month for a Primary 2Mb LLUStream SDSL circuit with 20:1 contention and 2Mb IPStream ADSL 20:1 contention back-up circuit. Spitfire can also supply DualStream SDSL with lower contention ratios for the primary LLUStream SDSL circuit including 1:1.

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