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Mobile Broadband to Overtake Home Broadband by 2010?
By: MarkJ - 29 February, 2008 (1:36 PM)

Broadband comparison site Top-10-Broadband has predicted that 'Mobile Broadband' (3G) services from operators such as Three, T-Mobile and Vodafone, could overtake land-line based home equivalents by as early as 2010.

Based on data from thousands of UK broadband package sales over the past six months, the site has seen mobile broadband sales increase by over 50% month on month since adding them to their website. Mobile broadband now makes up over 10% of their total broadband sales from 0% only six months ago:

Alex Buttle, Marketing Director at Formula, says: “The uptake of mobile broadband on our site has been astonishing and really took us by surprise since we started selling mobile broadband products in October 2007. We believe this trend is as significant as the shift from home to mobile phones that took place in the mid 1990s and reflects the increasing demand for greater flexibility in communications devices. Laptop sales have also boomed in recent years as costs have come down and it looks like mobile broadband has finally caught up - giving people the option to surf anywhere at an affordable price”

Buttle continues, “Major mobile broadband providers like Vodafone, T Mobile, 3 and Orange are competing hard and a price war has meant great prices for consumers with deals starting from just £10 a month. The same providers are also beginning to spend huge budgets on offline marketing as characterised by the inescapable nature of mobile broadband adverts on buses, tubes, newspapers, TV and radio stations.”

The popularity of Mobile Broadband services may be growing and the information above is certainly impressive, although such services are highly unlikely to overtake established land line solutions in such a short timeframe. Most mobile broadband services still lack the flexibility, performance, services and network infrastructure of competing DSL and cable technologies.

In addition we’ve yet to see any firm figures from operators to corroborate the uptake of independent mobile broadband services. Recent subscriber statistics from the major ISPs have shown no decline in land line broadband users. This may suggest that Mobile Broadband services are being brought as a companion to existing products rather than a replacement.

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