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UPDATE: Devolo Develops Rival 400Mbps Powerline Ethernet
By: MarkJ - 26 February, 2008 (9:10 AM)

Regular readers may recall that DS2 announced the first 400Mbps Powerline Ethernet technology back in October 2007 (original news), yet to date the product has failed to become commercially available. Now rival Devolo has announced its own technology, which follows the same basic premise of pairing two 200Mbps adaptors.

Powerline Ethernet allows you to turn your home or offices mains power sockets into a Local Area Network (LAN), offering a more secure and often faster alternative to Wi-Fi:

The growth in the range of possibilities offered by home networks is leading to an increase in the amounts of data to be transported. Just how the future of powerline-based home networking will look is being exhibited by devolo at this year's CeBIT. The technology experts based in Aachen, Germany, present a proof of concept with the world's first 400-Mbps demonstration that is fully backwards compatible to HomePlug AV.

This new technology is intended to provide a net data throughput of up to 180 Mbps, making it twice as fast as current HomePlug AV solutions. Potentially it will be possible to transmit up to five HDTV streams simultaneously, to distribute high-definition video to several rooms at once, and to operate IPTV or VoIP. The demonstration at CeBIT will feature a Gigabit Ethernet connection, is compatible to HomePlug AV and co-exists with HomePlug 1.0 and HomePlug Highspeed 85. This demonstration from devolo previews a technology that could conceivably be ready for marketing in the second half of 2009.

This does at least give DS2 plenty of time to iron out any bugs in its own hardware, although the early 2008 launch timeframe may be missed if they wait much longer.

UPDATE: Related news: Universal Powerline Association (UPA) technology has shipped in excess of 4.5 Million 200Mbps Powerline communications chips, giving the UPA the largest industry market share for high speed Powerline silicon.

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