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42% of People Consider Themselves Computer Illiterate
By: MarkJ - 31 March, 2008 (1:37 PM)

BT Home IT Support has published a new report which reveals that, despite the ever increasing dominance of IT in our daily lives, nearly half of the UK still consider themselves computer illiterate.

The UK IT Literacy report surveyed 500 men and women. It discovered that while low technological self-esteem is rife, 75% of women consider themselves IT illiterate, compared with only 55% of men. Similarly, 46% of women get so ‘digitally frustrated’ they ‘could scream’, whereas only 30% of men let IT issues phase them.

When it comes to the web, women spend the majority of their time social networking (50%) and socialising (35%). Men, on the other hand, prefer online gaming (60%) and reading web magazines (50%). Women also spend over eight hours a year solving IT issues – a whole working day – in contrast with men, who spend just three.

Emma Neale, BT Home IT Support Advisor, notes the gender divide on the desk, “We have found that more women than men are subscribing to the service. Men tend to call in when they’ve encountered a problem, tried to solve it and failed. We’ve found that our female customers are more likely to call for advice when they’ve got a general enquiry about their computer, rather than just when there’s a problem.

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