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THUS Launch Private Access xDSL
By: MarkJ - 04 August, 2003 (1:03 PM)

The Telco behind UK ISP Demon Internet, THUS, has today announced the introduction of Private Access DSL, which is designed to remove an ISPs dependence on BT's wholesale IPStream ADSL service:


THUS plc, one of the UK's leading providers of voice, data, Internet and contact centre services, today launched one of the UK's first private access DSL (PaDSL) service. THUS PaDSL is a cost-effective alternative to traditional frame relay, leased line and ISDN WAN networks and a complementary service to THUS Ethernet and fibre-based MPLS networks. THUS PaDSL enables organisations to exploit the cost savings offered by DSL for wide area networks (WANs), virtual private networks (VPNs), voice over DSL, video streaming and EPOS traffic, without the inherent quality of service and security risks of using the public Internet.

THUS will market PaDSL directly to organisations and will also offer it as a wholesale product to ISPs. THUS PaDSL is available to customers based within 3.5km of any ADSL enabled exchanges across the UK*. PaDSL is provisioned at both 5:1 and 1:1 controlled contention ratios and is available at up and downstream bandwidths of 512/256k and 2Mb/256k.

"DSL is no longer just a high bandwidth Internet connection," said Phil Male, Chief Operating Officer, THUS Plc. "ISPs or organisations that want to use DSL as an access technology for secure and resilient WANs or VPNs without the inherent risk of using the public Internet now have the answer in PaDSL."

Male continued: "THUS PaDSL is a fantastic proposition for the retail sector, where multi-site locations require private connectivity for EPOS networks. The same goes for local government, education and public sector networks where high densities of sites are located in close proximity to two or three exchanges and a private, cost effective data network is required. We estimate that PaDSL could halve data costs for a lot of customers currently relying on frame relay, leased line and ISDN networks."

PaDSL works by creating ATM circuits from the end customer to THUS's core network where traffic is maintained in a private domain to its end destination. By using ATM as the basis of PaDSL THUS is able to control customer traffic. This is possible because of what is called an "In Span Handover" (ISH), an innovation that enables THUS to collect ATM circuits from individual customers using DSL and then transport these over THUS's state-of-the-art national network. THUS's ISH removes the dependence on BT's IP Stream ADSL service and allows THUS to offer different contention ratios to different customers.

Male continued: "There are also a lot of ISPs out there who cannot invest the capital expenditure required to build ISH with BT. We are offering ISPs the opportunity to leverage THUS's ISH on a wholesale basis. This will enable ISPs to offer their own customers controlled contention PaDSL offering for WAN/VPN creation as well as controlled contention internet access - instead of the 20:1 and 50:1 contended services available through BT's IP Stream service."

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