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Top 12 July Internet Viruses (Worms)
By: MarkJ - 01 August, 2003 (9:16 AM)

AV firm Central Command has issued their top 12 online viruses for July 2003 and noted that the famous KLEZ infection has once again regained the top spot for a record 12th time (top 12, 12th time)!:

Central Command Releases Its Dirty Dozen - Top 12 - Computer Viruses For July 2003

Central Command, a leading provider of PC anti-virus software and computer security services today released its monthly listing of the top twelve viruses reported for July, 2003. The report, coined the "Dirty Dozen", is based on the number of virus occurrences confirmed through Central Command's Emergency Virus Response Team.

The table below represents the most prevalent viruses for July 2003, number one being the most frequent.

Ranking. Virus Name - Percentage
1. Worm/Klez.E - 19.2%
2. Worm/Sobig.E - 17.9%
3. Worm/BugBear.B - 17.6%
4. Worm/Sobig.A - 6.6%
5. Worm/Sobig.C - 4.2%
6. Worm/Sircam.A - 2.9%
7. Worm/Ganda - 1.8%
8. Worm/Hawawi.E - 1.6%
9. W32/Funlove.4099 - 1.5%
10.Worm/Avril.A - 1.2%
11.W32/Yaha.E - 1.2%
12.W32/Nimda - 1.0%
Others - 23.3%

"After relinquishing the top spot over the past couple months, Worm/Klez.E once again regains the peak position," said Steven Sundermeier, product manager of Central Command, Inc. "What we have seen with Worm/Klez.E is unparalleled to any past Internet worm, as it continues to show extraordinary staying power." Worm/Klez.E has been the most prevalent virus according to Central Command's tracking for twelve of the previous fifteen monthly Dirty Dozen reports.

"Fortunately, July 2003 saw no new significant virus outbreaks. The only minor noise produced was for the Worm/Gruel family, however, several attempts by the virus author to proliferate its creation proved unsuccessful."

Vexira Antivirus has been updated for 1227 different viruses, worms and other malicious applications during the month of July 2003.

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