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BPI - Legal Action Against P2P Users?
By: MarkJ - 01 August, 2003 (8:54 AM)

In the USA thousands of P2P file-sharing users are being sued, yet a new European Union copyright directive could mean the exact same thing occurring in the UK:

The BPI has no current plans to follow the actions of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and sue individuals who download music from P2P sites, saying that it prefers to educate people rather than take a heavy handed approach.

But it has warned that the legal route has not been ruled out. A BPI spokesman told vnunet.com that, although it felt able to issue legal proceedings against file sharers under current law, it preferred to wait until the directive is enforced so that copyright laws are clarified.

The directive came into force in June 2001 and is expected to be implemented sometime in October.

There's nothing illegal about the use of P2P, although the abuse of it for trade in copyright material doesn't help and gives the industry a reason to penalise ISPs and legitimate users. More @ VNUNet.

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