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BTOpenzone Launches Wi-Fi Directory
By: MarkJ - 16 December, 2003 (10:06 AM)

BTOpenzone has teamed up with HotSpot Hotel to provide an online directory service of Wi-Fi Hotspots, which will enable international travellers to locate local connection points:

HotSpot Hotel links up with BT Openzone to publicise its Hot Spot directory

HotSpot Hotel, the premier worldwide directory for executives looking for business standard connectivity, and BT Openzone today officially announced their partnership to make it dramatically easier for business customers to find BT Openzone Wi-Fi Hot Spots in the UK. HotSpot Hotel will provide an online directory service which BT Openzone will use to enable international travellers to locate local connection points. (http://www.hotspot-hotel.com ).

BT Openzone gives its customers public-access via a wireless internet connection, know as a Hot Spot, allowing users, including international business users, to access the Internet at selected public venues or “access points”, using their wireless-enabled laptop or PDA.

This means that travellers can now walk into motorway service stations, airports, conference centres, hotels and cafes around the country, sit down and easily access corporate networks or the internet. Having done so they can securely access their office network, just as if they were really there to send and receive e-mails or browse the web.

All of this is done at broadband speeds (up to 10 times the speed of a dial-up modem). BT has set a target of 4,000 Public Wi-Fi access points by summer next year. BT Openzone customers can access a number of services from the Hot Spot Hotel website. They can purchase BT Openzone access vouchers. They can also browse HotSpot Hotel for a listing of BT Openzone Hot Spots and Streetzone kiosks. All

Openzone “StreetZone” locations can be found by searching for venue type “BT Kiosk” on Hotspot Hotel. Users can also search an international listing of all Hot Spots, this listing is customer-driven and has extensive reviews of Hot Spot performance from business users.

BT Openzone and HotSpot Hotel intend to extend the services provided with the use of push technology which will allow users to locate and obtain detailed directions of the nearest three Hot Spots to a particular location, either via the web, SMS or MMS. Other information provided will range from daily news to events information, newsletters and local advice for the travelling business person.

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