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Plusnet Cuts ADSL Upgrade Fees
By: MarkJ - 13 January, 2004 (1:10 PM)

For a limited time UK ISP Plusnet will be cutting the cost of upgrading (re-grading) to its 1 and 2Mbps broadband ADSL services:

PlusNet Cuts the Cost of Broadband Upgrades

PlusNet has made it even more cost-effective to benefit from faster-than-average Broadband speeds. Those considering upgrading their current broadband connections can now profit from additional cost-savings. For a limited period only, PlusNet Broadband customers will save up to 29 inc. VAT when upgrading to either of their super-fast 1Mb or 2Mb connections.

This latest offer means that opting for higher speed PlusNet Broadband becomes even greater value than ever - PlusNet's 'Home 1Mb' and 'HomeWorker Pro 2Mb' are already offering some of the UK's lowest 'total cost of ownership' when compared with similar products from other ISP's.

Marco Potesta, PlusNet's Marketing Director said, "We are pleased to be able to pass on these price reductions to PlusNet Broadband customers. For those upgrading to a higher-speed product of the same contention this offer represents a great value opportunity. We're also pleased to announce that, for the duration of the Special Offer, we are waiving the administration fee - including for those upgrading to products of a different contention."

A 10 price reduction on broadband speed 're-grades', from 35 to 25 ex VAT, was announced on 13th December 2003 by BT Wholesale, and applies to upgrades to products of a higher speed and of the same contention (PlusNet Broadband provides connection at either 50:1 or 20:1 contention options).

Additionally, for the duration of the offer, PlusNet has also waived the 15 ex VAT administration charge that previously applied to re-grades to a higher-speed product, bringing the total cost to just 29.38 inc VAT. Where the upgrade involves a change of contention, for example from Home to HomeWorker Pro, PlusNet will also waive the administration fee, now charging just 41.13 inc. VAT.

Find out more about PlusNet Broadband at www.plus.net

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