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Amstrad Cuts e-M@iler Price To £30
By: MarkJ - 05 January, 2004 (12:30 PM)

Amstrad has cut the price of its web browsing e-M@iler phone from £49.99 to just £29.99. It's hoped that the cut, which should be introduced by 'most' retail outlets, will help to significantly increase the phones install base:

Lower manufacturing costs together with additional revenue earning services have made the price reduction possible.

Amstrad remains fully committed to the e-m@iler business and continues to develop new software that enhances the functionality and revenue earning potential of the phone. The recent launch of copymail has provided a new business angle to the phone. In addition, Amstrad continues to build relationships with key business partners.

Amstrad’s Commercial Director Simon Sugar said today. “This is another significant step for Amstrad. With nearly four years e-m@iler experience the revenue per phone has held up well and we continue to add new revenue earning services to the phone. However, increasing the installed base remains a key objective in order to enhance the future long term profitability of the e-m@iler business.

We're still waiting for one that's colour, allows you to select your own ISP and doesn't charge you above the local call rate for collecting new e-mails.

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