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BTís Wireless Week Misses The Point?
By: MarkJ - 07 January, 2004 (5:05 PM)

HSO, an integrated communications supplier, has welcomed BTs move to stage a free 'Wireless (Wi-Fi) Week', yet warns that it might miss the point by not also "educating the business and commercial property sectors alongside consumer markets.":

Nice idea but BT's first-ever UK Wireless Broadband Week might just miss the point

HSO, one of the UK's leading integrated communications suppliers, welcomes the move by BT to stage Wireless Broadband Week (26 January - 1 February) but feels that a huge opportunity will be missed if significant emphasis is not placed on educating the business and commercial property sectors alongside consumer markets.

HSO's managing director, Chris Evans, explains: "wireless networking is struggling to take off in the commercial sector where the real benefits can be truly significant. There are an increasing number of crucial business applications that can be offered wirelessly which should be ensuring that UK businesses are the driving force behind the uptake of wi-fi.

It's widely reported that wireless users can be much more productive in the office environment. However, both the user companies themselves and, significantly, landlords in the commercial property sector, have been slow to realise the value in making wireless networks available to tenants and users. By offering tenants the opportunity for increased employee flexibility and productivity, wireless networking adds real value and 'letability' to a commercial property

Chris Evans continues: "Wireless enabling a building really can make commercial sense for all concerned. Only when tenants and landlords wake-up to this, will it be possible to realise the true potential for the wireless environment. So, whilst we wholeheartedly support BT's initiative, we're keen that the commercial sector shouldn't be forgotten".

Commercial property landlords can benefit from the improved rental income per square foot that tenants are willing to pay for a wireless networking environment. In addition, landlords can commercially benefit from the extra floor space that is generated by the lack of need of network cabling infrastructure.

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