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ISPs Work Feverishly To Block MyDoom
By: MarkJ - 28 January, 2004 (9:15 AM)

The new Internet e-mail worm (virus), MyDoom, which is causing global problems, has sent many UK ISPs into overdrive as they try to curb the spread. Thankfully some providers, such as Zen Internet and Eclipse, have filters to stop it:

Eclipse SHIELDS its customers from MyDoom virus

Eclipse Internetís recently launched VIRUSshield feature, which is free for all Eclipse email customers, is successfully stopping the latest mass-mailing virus called MyDoom. The virus is infecting inboxes around the world at a prolific rate with experts predicting that it could be worse than last summerís devastating Sobig virus.


Zen Internet protects its customers from "Mydoom"

One of the UK's leading Internet Service Providers, Zen Internet has today announced that it has intercepted over 4,500 instances of a new email virus in just 12 hours. The virus, nicknamed "Mydoom" or "Novarg" is attacking hundreds of companies and spreading hoards of infected emails at a ferocious rate. Zen Internet's mail cluster was able to prevent this virus reaching its customers networks, leaving them safe from this serious attack.

The outbreak goes to show the importance of having a two-tier level of virus defence, both with a filter installed at the ISP and one on the users own client computer.

Sadly many customers and ISPs still fail on both accounts, how many more MyDoom's will it take to change this? Anti-virus filters should be standard for all UK ISPs.

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