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BTOpenworld Locates Dialup Fault
By: MarkJ - 28 January, 2004 (9:43 AM)

UK ISP BTOpenworld claims to have finally located and resolved the true fault responsible for causing widespread email and website problems among its dialup customers last week:

According to BT, the serious network problem - which it estimates could have affected up to 20,000 customers was caused by a fault on the dial-up unmetered network between BT Wholesale and ISP BT Openworld.

The fault affected transactions requiring large packets of data, such as accessing longer emails with graphics or accessing online banking sites. The packets were becoming truncated and unreadable at the BT Openworld gateway.

According to BT, its "hit team" has identified and removed a software fault with routers that sit on the BT Openworld gateway and, although there is still work going on behind-the-scenes, the problem is now fixed for customers.

The ISP had originally claimed that the difficulties were caused by planned engineering work, yet clearly this was not the case and the issue had been ongoing for longer than believed. More @ Web-User.

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