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Freeserve Trials Next-Gen BB Video
By: MarkJ - 30 January, 2004 (12:51 PM)

UK ISP Freeserve has teamed up with software firm Maven Networks to develop and trial next-generation broadband video content services:

Maven claims that the system offers a programming experience that 'rivals the visual and entertainment qualities of television', and generates the potential for profitable new revenue streams for ISPs.

Freeserve will pilot the service with a select group of premium content partners, advertisers and e-commerce providers early this year, potentially leading to a rollout of premium services to Wanadoo subscribers across Europe.

However, the company has not given any details about which partners will be participating in the trial and what sort of content it is focusing on.

It should be interesting to see exactly what Freeserve has planned. More @ netimperative.com .

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