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TCP/IP Inventor Sees Net Expansion
By: MarkJ - 01 January, 2004 (1:39 PM)

Mr Vint Cerf, the man credited with inventing the "Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol" (TCP/IP), has stated his belief that the Internet will someday become the basis for almost all forms of communication:

He said that the first decade of the net, 1972-1982, was about designing, testing and deploying the bet's basic technologies. The second decade was about consolidation and commercialisation and the third about broad, popular use.

The next decade, he believes, will see the net spread even further and start to become the basic communications infrastructure for almost anything. To begin with, he thinks, the net will stop being a part of the telephone network. Instead the telephone network will become a part of the net.

This could be thanks to Voice Over IP technology that chops up phone calls into bits of data and sends them across the net instead of dedicated, and expensive, phone lines.

The BBC News Online item does a good job of looking back upon the past two decades and highlighting how the Internet has developed and evolved. Is Cerfs predicted future be good or bad?

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