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ISP Gets DSL To Exchange BT Hasn't
By: MarkJ - 09 December, 2003 (9:16 AM)

Update: It appears as if ISP Pipemedia got there first in November (thanks Richard). UK ISP Easynet has become the first operator to un-bundle a local exchange and install its own broadband ADSL kit 'before' BT. The Dimsdale exchange currently has 126 BT based pre-registrations and a trigger level of 300:

The local exchange in question is at Dimsdale, in the West Midlands. Easynet has installed its ADSL equipment in the exchange as part of a deal with the Advantage West Midlands development agency, which has subsidised the cost of the upgrade.

"You can't do business today unless you have easy access to affordable broadband. But there are still too many broadband black spots around the country, including industrial areas like Dimsdale," said David Rowe, chief executive of Easynet, in a statement. "The solution is private-public sector cooperation to justify the business case for broadband and this project is an excellent example of what can be achieved when both sides work so closely together."

He added that Dimsdale is a trailblazer for Easynet's E3 programme, which -- like BT's registration scheme -- indicates how many customers are needed in each area before broadband will be provided.

While it may only be a single exchange, it's still a promising move. It remains to be seen whether getting the upper hand on BT can increase the number of signups. More @ ZDNet.

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