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New Scottish Wireless ISP - UFCnet
By: MarkJ - 29 November, 2003 (9:18 AM)

UK ISP UFCnet has kindly dropped us a line with mention of their newly launched broadband wireless service for west central Scotland:

There appears to be only a small handful of Wisp projects for the moment in Scotland and the majority of these are Community lead.

We are a bit different in as far as we have been an independent ISP for almost 8 years or so.

We have been offering traditional; dial up and BT carried broadband via wires. We acheived this by ultimately partnering with 2 of the top tier backbone providers.

Some 4 years ago an initial attempt was made to provide a wireless service, but the market place and the then legislation was just not ready for this type of service.

6 Months ago we introduced our service, but kept it to a handful of end users - friendlys we call them - so that we could develop a very stable and reliable service. as you could imagine we had all sorts of issues to overcome - however the net result has been a very resiliant service which is extremely reliable.

Our current Coverage area is the Garelochside - ie Rhu Faslane Shandon Garelochhead Mambeg Clynder and Rosneath. we intend to extend the system to cover the whole of the West Scotland area - where it is not very likely that BT will be able to provide BB - both technically and commercially.

Development of this system has been purely in house - especially where the controlling software is concerned.

Our Commercial model is sound in as far as we realise that we must provide a service which is at least as effective as wired BB and at the same price.

Our service charges (monthly) are between 15.99 and 49.99 per month with the "Home service " being 29.99 per month for 512 download and x 256 upload.

As more subscribers come on board we will be increasing the service speeds but leaving the price the same.

As usual we've added a forum for them - HERE.

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