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Business Serve Introduces Anti-SPAM
By: MarkJ - 03 December, 2003 (9:15 AM)

UK ISP Business Serve has today announced the introduction of their new server side anti-SPAM (junk e-mail) product. Best of all, the service is customer operated from a control panel interface:

Business Serves up spam bullet

Business Serve plc, one of the UK's leading ISPs, is launching its new antiSPAM product in time for the European Commission's anti-spam directive coming into force on the 11 December 2003.

It is estimated by 2005, up to 70 per cent of email sent to businesses will be spam. Already spam costs European Business US$3bn in lost productivity each year. Spam leaves little room for genuine emails, clogging up bandwidth, slowing down Internet connections, and hence, slowing down business.

"If British business is to avoid meltdown by spam they must act now - in a proactive way. Spam merchants are constantly finding loopholes to evade detection so businesses need anti-spam software that ensures comprehensive and adaptable protection," says Mr Simon Cleaver, managing director, Business Serve.

Business Serve's antiSPAM software is server based, so spam is dealt with before getting to a company's computers. This has its advantages - PC-based anti-spam software tends to be less effective, as spammers constantly find ways of avoiding detection. Having the software at server level, Business Serve is able to keep abreast of changes with spamming techniques and adapt the solution accordingly.

The antiSPAM technology is activated and accessed via an online control panel and is adjustable using filters based on email attributes and rules.

The software is activated at domain name level, enabling office managers to define rules for all email accounts on a specific domain, ensuring the Internet connection remains free only for genuine business usage.

Several options are available to deal with the spam: the spam can be flagged but let through; deleted before it reaches the inbox; or placed in a dedicated spam email account inbox.

Black lists can be made to block all spam from that source or white lists can be made so that spam from a known and defined source is allowed through.

Business Serve has launched this product to its 20,000 strong customer base and is looking to offer the solution to the newly acquired Legend customers.

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