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UK ISP NDO Launches 'Remote Backup'
By: MarkJ - 05 December, 2003 (1:07 PM)

NDO has introduced a new service called Remote Backup, which can store and encrypt files remotely on multiple server clusters based in London data centres keeping your vital data secure and safe:

Today, NDO launches NDO Remote Backup - with a completely free 2-week trial

NDO Remote Backup is a small software program that you install onto your computer, which will then automatically and continually backup all your vital files for you. These files are first encrypted and then stored remotely on multiple server clusters based in London Data centres - keeping your vital files secure and guaranteed safe.

And, should the worst ever happen - you can with just a couple of clicks restore your files back to your computer.

But, not only that - if you make a change to a file and wish you could see what it was like the previous week - that is possible too. A full archive history of the last two months revisions of all your files is kept on our storage platform.

Plus - you also get web-based access to your files. So if you are at a meeting or around a friend's house and want to show them a file, simply login to the web interface and you can download the file quickly, and easily. Then, should you make any changes - these can then be uploaded back to the system for you to download when you return to your own computer.

NDO Remote Backup is an ideal, simple, easy to use solution to all your backup needs.

We at NDO believe it is vital you keep copies of your files and these are backed up, safe and secure. We are confident our unique Remote Backup system is the best way to do this - we are offering a completely free, no obligation 2-week trial of the software; including up-to 1 GB of remote storage space. After the two weeks, the system costs just 9.99 a month for 1 GB of space; or 14.99 a month for 2 GB of storage space (all prices include VAT).

The software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows and operates equally fine over both dial-up and broadband connections.

For more details on NDO Remote Backup - visit: http://www.ndostorage.com or call: 0870 200 2210

NDO are leading, independent UK based ISP offering a range of ISP services since 1995.


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