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BT U-Turns - WNCB Broadband Delay
By: MarkJ - 15 January, 2004 (9:33 AM)

Despite claiming that it would take a further six months to broadband enable the West Norfolk Community Broadband (WNCB), BT has miraculously u-turned to get the ISP wired up for 20th January 2004!:

Previously, WNCB had been told it could be forced to wait until May 2004 before both links were fitted - six months later than the original installation dates of mid-December 2003.

BT currently doesn't offer broadband in some of the places targeted by WNCB, but is expected to start offering ADSL services from exchanges in the area during the coming months. The trouble experienced by WNCB had led to speculation that Britain's incumbent telco might have deliberately engineered the delays - a charge that BT has denied.

Will Newman, operations director of Dark Side Technologies - the company responsible for setting up and running the WNCB network - is delighted that he finally has the chance to provide high-speed internet services.

So, what was once a six month timeline is now only a few days away? That's quite a dramatic change and could perhaps raise even more suspicions.

Mind you, the complaints by FDM and WNCB remain lodged with Ofcom to investigate. More @ Silicon.

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