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Zen Internet ISP Offers ADSL Regrades
By: MarkJ - 23 January, 2004 (9:07 AM)

UK ISP Zen Internet is offering its broadband ADSL customers the chance to upgrade onto a faster package (regrade) for 25 +vat:

Upgrading to a faster Internet connection just got easier

22nd January 2004 - One of the UK's leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Zen Internet is offering its customers the chance to upgrade to an even faster broadband Internet connection by taking advantage of an ADSL regrade for 25 + VAT. And, for the first time, it is possible to upgrade an existing service from an engineer-installed single-user 512 Kbps to self-install Home 1000 broadband service in one easy step, without any disruption to service or having to go through a more complicated procedure at a high cost.

A new upgrade path has been designed which allows the smooth transition between services involving less than an hour of downtime on a single day. Disruption is minimal to non-existent (your current IP address will not be affected), and the only really noticeable change will be the considerable increase in speed of your connection.

"Historically, trying to upgrade from an engineer-installed service to a self-installed service or to upgrade to a faster connection speed has never been easy," said Ian Buckley, marketing manager, Zen Internet.

He continued: "Procedures beyond the ISP's control meant that to facilitate an upgrade it would be necessary to cancel and re-provide the customer's existing service and this could result in extensive down time. The new upgrade path now allows for the upgrade to be made with an absolute minimum of disruption."

Customers with ZenADSL Home 500 service can upgrade to the Home 1000 service. Customers with ZenADSL Office can upgrade to any higher speed ADSL service available to them. Details of Zen's ADSL 1000 and 2000 current prices can be found at http://www.zenadsl.com/pricing/pricing.asp .

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