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EU Wi-Fi Still Not Consumer Affordable
By: MarkJ - 14 January, 2004 (1:07 PM)

BroadGroup, a London-based consultancy, has examined 97 Wi-Fi providers in 20 countries across Europe and found that broadband wireless hotspot pricing remains at a largely corporate level (expensive):

It found that in addition to shifts in pricing over a 12-month period, there appeared to be a correlation between larger or more connected players and higher prices. Tariffs, on the whole, now seem to be geared primarily towards corporate users, the study said.

The research found that the average price for one-hour of connectivity via public access wireless LANs in Europe is EUR6.47 (less taxes). It also noted the differential between average pricing for one hour of usage in Europe and 24 hours is 57 percent. Most pricing categories are pre-paid at present.

"Retail prices for public Wi-Fi in Europe remain quite high although there is some evidence of overall decline, but it is slight," said Philip Low, managing consultant at BroadGroup and the report's author. However the report also found that entry by North American players with significantly lower price levels, although limited at present, could impact and extend over time.

The majority of hotspots (71%) also reside in only 5 specific EU countries, namely - UK, Sweden, Germany, France and Austria. More @ ElectricNews.

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