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Plexenis Sat ISP Situation Update
By: MarkJ - 20 January, 2004 (1:09 PM)

UPDATED: Exmoor BB comments.Two Plexenis based UK broadband satellite ISPs, CentralPOINT and Silvermead, have now sent along additional service updates regarding this mornings news (link):

CentralPOINT: We have had an update this morning from Plenexis, they have confirmed that no dish realignment will be needed and no interruption to service is envisaged.
Silvermead: We are evaluating the position at present but can assure members that we will not be moving to a different satellite, there will be no break in service and the most any member will need to do is update their client software.
Exmoor Broadband: We are pleased to announce that there will be some significant improvements to the service becoming available shortly.

We and other resellers, have been working for some time with Plenexis to significantly upgrade and improve the service. Plenexis has taken the decision, in the best interests of all parties, to work with Teles AG to further develop the service and market. The effects/benefits of the new arrangements for our end users are as follows:

There will be a Massive investment in satellite capacity on the existing position on Eurobird. We are pleased to announce that there will be no need for dish repositioning).

There will be a Real product advantage - The new service will combine terrestrial and satellite return paths for improved end user experience. This technology is Patent protected and a real advantage. The product also includes offline email delivery, file fetch and delivery of certain web content.

We will notify our customers when these improvements become available and will supply the software and provide our usual high level of support and assistiance to ensure that our customers gain all of the benefits with the minimum of fuss.

We welcome this news as it will continue to improve performance and function and expand the availability of broadband throughout rural areas.

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