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Silvermead Launch £29.99 1Mb ADSL!
By: MarkJ - 27 November, 2003 (9:10 AM)

UK ISP Silvermead has further expanded its service to offer a sub-£30 per month 1Mbps broadband ADSL (BT based) product. Special 256Kbps (£19.99) and 2Mbps (£39.99) options have also been introduced - all include a free static IP address:


Silvermead, the rapidly growing Internet Service Provider (ISP) that won press accolades for its introduction of low-priced dial-up accounts is now taking on the big boys again with aggressively priced ADSL broadband packages.

Silvermead now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Residential and Business ADSL packages available. A total of 4 different speed offerings also include rates that make even the higher speed 1Mb and 2Mb lines more affordable for residential members. With special offers on ADSL modems, and low a commitment contract of only three months, Silvermead is making ADSL broadband more accessible to everyone.

Silvermead's 1Mb residential package costs just £29.99 a month inc VAT - the same price as many 'big name' providers charge for 512k (including the UK's biggest providers Freeserve and BT Yahoo!). That's twice the speed for the same price!

Or for just an extra £10.00 (£39.99 a month inc vat) users can go all the way up to 2Mb. That's a saving of up to £180.00 a year compared to Telewestís 2Mb residential service (up to £54.99 a month) and is one of the only 2Mb residential ADSL services in the UK.

Users who already have ADSL but want to go faster can also move to Silvermead and benefit from the high speed 1Mb and 2Mb packages available from just £29.99 inc VAT a month.

At the same time, Silvermead is helping to make ADSL as affordable as possible with an entry level 256k product costing just £19.99 a month inc vat. So for just a couple of pounds more than many big name ISP's charge for a dial-up account, users can experience all the benefits of an always on ADSL account.

Silvermead broadband services are available on all BT UK's ADSL enabled exchanges, and will be immediately available on all other exchanges when they become ADSL enabled. All Silvermead ADSL Broadband accounts now come complete with a free static IP address helping to make the broadband connection as useful as possible and making gaming, networking, home working and secure connections easier than ever.


No doubt there will be some concern that such low pricing could be a risky move, although ADSL has proved to be a tough nut to crack.

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