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Major Power Cuts Threaten The Internet
By: MarkJ - 25 November, 2003 (3:09 PM)

Blackouts, such as those that recently swept Europe and North America, may be more damaging to the Internet than many had previously thought:

According to a new report by data analysis firm Renesys, while the very largest provider networks (the Internet backbones) were apparently unaffected by the blackout in North America, many thousands of significant networks and millions of individual Internet users were offline for hours or days.

Banks, investment funds, business services, manufacturers, hospitals, educational institutions, ISPs, and government units were among the affected organisations, says the research.

According to Renesys' estimates, on 14th August -- when the North American blackout hit -- there were over 9,700 globally advertised customer networks in the affected area, belonging to over 3,500 organisations. A third of these networks -- 3,175 -- suffered from "abnormal connectivity outages" during the blackout, Renesys says. Of those, more than 2,000 networks suffered severe connectivity outages for longer than four hours, and over 1,400 networks for longer than 12 hours (some even more than 48 hours).

Thankfully the specific effects of the outages were not cascading and remained largely localised to the related regions. More @ ZDNet.

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