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Breathe ISP Adds Anti-Spam/Virus Filter
By: MarkJ - 17 November, 2003 (1:04 PM)

UK ISP Breathe has teamed up with MailKey to rollout its Message Manager Service, which is designed to filter and protect customer e-mail addresses from SPAM and viruses:

breathe internet To Protect Its Customers Against Spam and Viruses With MailKey's Message Manager Service

breathe internet (http://www.breathe.com), the UK's fastest growing ISP, is to offer MailKey's Message Manager Service to its customers, protecting their breathe email addresses against the increasing problem of spam and viruses.

MailKey's Message Manager Service enables filtration, control and management of email messages, using its highly effective challenge response technology. This latest agreement enables breathe to offer MailKey's service to its connectivity customers at server level. Customers who choose the service will be able to protect their email against viruses and spam by setting their own levels of filtering based on content, sender addresses and sender domains, using full challenge/response.

breathe internet customers will be invited to a special information page on the breathe.com website where they will be able to sign up, enabling them to manage their account in a special online admin area. Customers will also be able to protect other email addresses they may have.

By implementing MailKey's Message Manager Service, breathe's customers will be able to:

Filter all inbound messages based on content and checked against a list of rules
Create a list of accepted senders and blocked senders using an address book white listing
Implement MailKey's highly effective Challenge/Response system, allowing mail through only from people on their accepted address list or who use their MailKey (a unique code) in the subject line.

"The problems caused by spam and viruses are a major concern for us. We need to provide our customers with the most effective solution to the problem and ensure that our high levels of service are maintained," said Paul Hesketh, the CEO of breathe internet. "Having looked at all the options available we have chosen MailKey's solution. Not only does it offer our customers' email addresses a high level of protection it also stops valuable bandwidth being used up by unwanted messages - a perennial problem faced by ISPs."

"MailKey's Message Management System has been developed as the most effective solution against unwanted messages and viruses. MailKey puts control into the hands of the user allowing them to manage their email account and receive messages sent only by the people they want to hear from," said Tim Dean-Smith, the CEO of MailKey. "breathe internet is a quality ISP, with high standards, and we are delighted that it has selected MailKey's message management service to offer its customers."

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