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DialupISP Offers 400Hrs For 9.99 PM!
By: MarkJ - 24 November, 2003 (1:02 PM)

A new UK ISP calling itself DialupISP (DISP) has today sent us some press media advertising its latest and economically questionable dialup package. For just 9.99 DISP is offering 400 hours unmetered usage per month:

DialupISP has the Internet package for YOU. For only 9.99 per month, Home & Business users can get a whopping 400 Hours per month. That is over 14 Hours of Internet usage per day. What's even better is that all your calls to the Internet are FREE, as you dial in via our 0808 freephone number. DialupISP is avaliable to all BT Telecom users based in the UK. So no more expensive Internet fees.

We are offering 2 different Internet Services. 56k modem connection & the Home 500 ADSL. For only 22.99 per month you can recieve the famed Broadband Internet service. This service is up to 10 times faster than the ordinary Internet and you can use it as much as you please.

The only hidden error we were able to find related to the contention ratio. On the front page it's advertised as 10:1, yet in the T&C's..:

The Dialup ISP Internet access will be provided with a modem contention ratio of 15:1

Economically speaking most ISPs would agree that even offering 200 hours for 9.99 per month would be difficult (the service has to still make some kind of a profit).

Those choosing to subscribe should recognise that any ISP attempting to do this usually has to make sacrifices in other areas, such as support. Further down the line and service quality may also suffer.

A more common occurrence is for ISPs to start by offering the unsustainable and then later increase the costs and or limit surfing hours. Either way you take a risk. As usual we've added a forum for them - HERE.

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