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Oftel Hasn't Received Plusnet Complaint
By: MarkJ - 20 August, 2003 (8:32 AM)

Plus.net recently issued a new press release stating how it had complained to Oftel about broadband pricing, yet the PR itself was clearly designed more as a self-promotion. Unsurprisingly Oftel hasn't received Plus.net's official complaint:

"According to our compliance department, no formal complaint has been received," an Oftel spokeswoman told ZDNet UK News.

"If a customer isn't happy with paying 28 per month for broadband they can go elsewhere," pointed out the Oftel spokeswoman. "The UK has a competitive broadband market, and it's a good sign that PlusNet are offering these lower prices," she added.

Clever PR at work again ;), two stories for the price of one, if ever so slightly misleading in the first place. More @ ZDNet.

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