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BTO Finds Poor Online SME Security
By: MarkJ - 19 August, 2003 (12:54 PM)

New research conducted by UK ISP BTOpenworld has found that SMEs are not putting the necessary precautions in place to protect themselves from the latest security risks, such as the 'Blaster' worm:


Almost one-third of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) don't believe anti-virus or firewall protection is important to their business. This is despite high-profile media coverage of security risks, most recently the 'Blaster' worm that affected Mircosoft software last week.

BT Openworld research1 into 300 SMEs found that 28 per cent of companies said software solutions that could protect their business from security threats wouldn't be of use. This was particularly an issue amongst smaller SMEs employing less than five people.

However, the tide could be turning. Recent stories about the Blaster worm appear to be encouraging more companies to review their IT security.

The number of hits on the BT Openworld website has risen by 500 per cent as businesses look at how they can protect themselves from attack. In addition, sales of BT Openworld's Internet Security Pack solution have gone up by 100 per cent in the last week alone. Designed with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in mind, the Internet Security Pack provides advanced security protection from viruses and network intruders. It is available at less than 5 per month.

Neville Manuel, vice-president of value-added services at BT Openworld said: "It's frightening that small companies are ignoring the risks of IT security threats. No matter what size business you are, a major security problem could bring all your systems to a halt.

This can have a serious impact on a business, in terms of lost sales, reduced productivity and damaged reputation. These are all dangers that no company can afford to ignore,
" he added.

BT Openworld recently published an A-Z guide to security terms and acronyms. Entitled 'Cracking the code - a guide to IT security', it aims to help SMEs overcome the security hazards they face and ensure they are protected against attack.

To receive a free copy of 'Cracking the code - a guide to IT security', please email Karyn Clarke at karyn@ijack.com .

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