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New ISP Neon City Preps For Launch
By: MarkJ - 16 August, 2003 (9:25 AM)

The newest Internet service provider to launch in awhile, Neon City, has set a tentative date of Mid-September 2003 (possibly sooner) for its introduction. The ISP intends to offer a combination of unmetered dialup and broadband ADSL packages:

We will offer the following services.

- 0845 dialup - PG
- Friaco 0808 BT Unmetered 24/7 access 16.95H - 28.50B
- Friaco 0800 NTL Unmetered 24/7 access 16.95H - 28.50B
- ADSL 500 Broadband (Line activation charges may apply) 65. Line activation, USB ADSL modem 48.95, Residential 512 service 24.95/mo. and business 512 service 38.95 /mo.

Subscribers can also expect 5 e-mail boxes (1.5mb space per box), 20mb webspace and newsgroup (usenet) access. Exact details of the various offers will no doubt surface closer to launch.

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