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MS Forgets To Renew Hotmail Domain
By: MarkJ - 06 November, 2003 (3:01 PM)

Simply amazing, once again Microsoft (MS) has forgotten to renew one of its domains, this time the hugely important HOTMAIL.CO.UK! Thankfully a kind person rescued it for them, yet the software giant still didn't want to know:

As a result, last month Microsoft lost its claim to the domain and it was duly returned to the open market to be picked up by whomever fancied it

Luckily, the domain was snapped up on the same day - October 23. The new owner - a good hearted soul - then proceeded immediately to contact Microsoft, inform the giant of its slip and arrange to hand back the domain.

However, Microsoft didn't want to know. Despite phone calls and emails - and being fobbed off by Microsoft drones - our man behind this public-spirited deed was completely blanked by the software empire.

Truly staggering, the level of incompetence involved is indescribable. Mind you, it's not as if they haven't done it before. The same thing occurred with their PASSPORT.COM domain during 1999. More @ The Register.

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