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Aramiska Offers Satisfaction Guarantee
By: MarkJ - 06 November, 2003 (9:05 AM)

Broadband satellite ISP Aramiska has today hailed itself as the first such provider in the UK to offer a 30 day no obligation satisfaction guarantee for business customers:

Business Broadband from Aramiska comes with Satisfaction Guaranteed

Aramiska is the first satellite broadband provider in the UK market to give business customers a 30 day no obligation satisfaction guarantee

Aramiska, European satellite broadband service provider, announces today that it will provide business customers with a no obligation satisfaction guarantee for the first 30 days of their contract. If customers are not fully satisfied with the service, they can give notice within the first 30 days, and Aramiska will remove the connection with no charge or penalty.

This is the latest addition to Aramiska's new and enhanced broadband service, which include reduced prices, new flexible payment options and the introduction of a unique premium high-end broadband package. Aramiska also offers one of the fastest installation times and offers a 50% reduction of the installation fee if not completed within 30 days.

"It can be difficult for SMEs to ascertain how their business will fully benefit from broadband until they have tried it. Aramiska is removing the risk element for SMEs, providing them with a no obligation guarantee giving them the flexibility to experience the benefits of broadband before committing to the full contract." said Philippe Bodart, CEO, Aramiska

"We have the utmost confidence in the Aramiska broadband service for SMEs and with our satisfaction guarantee we are demonstrating this confidence in our service and our commitment to the SME market. Aramiska is entirely accountable for the managed broadband service they offer, and following our recent Customer Service accolade we are committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of service possible".

Aramiska's guarantees provide their partners with the competitive edge when selling the Aramiska service to customers.

Jason Edwards, Sales Director, Positive IT said, "This is an exceptionally attractive service offering for the channel partners to sell to corporates and SMEs. We find that customers are keen to understand and see the benefits broadband can bring to their business before committing to a contract. The 30 day satisfaction guarantee from Aramiska provides customers with a safety net, allowing them to experience the benefits of broadband without a contractual obligation that other business service providers insist on."

Aramiska's two-way high-speed service packages offer up to 2,048 Kbps downstream and 512 Kbps upstream data transmission anywhere in Europe. The open standard satellite technology, DVB-RCS, provides companies based in areas not covered by terrestrial broadband networks with the fast and reliable, always-on Internet connection necessary to download and transmit large amounts of data and run multimedia-heavy or other bandwidth-hungry applications.

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