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Easynet CEO Talks Broadband Growth
By: MarkJ - 06 August, 2003 (8:51 AM)

The CEO of UK ISP and Telecoms group Easynet, David Rowe, has done an interview with TWST regarding, among other things, broadband growth opportunities in UK. We picked out a couple of the more interesting answers below:

TWST: What are the main drivers for that level of growth you are seeing?

Mr. Rowe: Broadband is the driver in a generic sense, addressing the ever expanding appetite for IP

TWST: How has the downturn in the economy affected the demand and willingness to pay for broadband within the business environment? Does the need for faster connectivity outweigh the fact that people are keeping a closer eye on their costs?

Mr. Rowe: In many respects broadband is tailor made for the current economic climate because of the cost savings over the previous generation of access products. If you are a corporate and you have got a lot of locations and you want to connect them, things like MPLS VPNs with much cheaper tail circuits, using DSL technology, can save you a huge amount of money. People are looking at their costs and they are finding they can get more for less with the current technology. The trick as a telecom operator is I guess to have a keen offering, both from a technology and from a price performance angle, whilst migrating customers away from the legacy stuff, i.e., in the narrowband and frame relay markets.

No surprises that Easynet, like so many others, has placed broadband as being among its top reasons for growth.

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