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Most Brits Don't Know What Wi-Fi Is
By: MarkJ - 08 August, 2003 (9:31 AM)

A Mori poll has found something that many industry officials should have seen sooner, an estimated 70% of Brits don't know what a Wi-Fi hot-spot is! Well, why should they? It's not as if anybody has tried to explain it to the general public yet:

The company spoke to 985 home computer users on behalf of UK PC vendor Packard Bell. They were asked what they thought the term 'Wi-Fi hot-spot' means and were provided with a list of possibilities as a prompt.

Some 43% of them came right out and admitted they didn't know. A large percentage ignored the question - one of a number relating to new technologies - suggesting they didn't know either but preferred not to admit their ignorance.

Of the rest, five per cent thought it was a kind of nightclub and two per cent thought it was a new hi-fi. Some selected the 'microwave ready-meal' option, others the 'posh hot tub' box. A few even said they understood the term to mean trouble with the wife.

We note that the poll wasn't even conducted with ordinary folk, but home computer users, a group more likely to know the correct answer, yet just 29% got it right.

Clearly if Wi-Fi is to take off then many in the industry will need to consider 'educating' users, much like they did with fixed-line broadband services. More @ The Register.

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