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VitalData ISP Problems Continue
By: MarkJ - 08 August, 2003 (9:57 AM)

It only takes a quick glance at our ISP Complaints page to see that the only thing hotter than the weather is a customer of VitalData. The primary concerns haven't changed, with people still unable to contact technical support and or use the dialup software.

Those that do get through, via the phone, often get stuck in a seamlessly never ending queue on a premium rate line. Typically this also makes it almost impossible to cancel, thus forcing those with credit cards to do it the hard way (blocking payments).

Below is just a small sample of the complaints we've been receiving on a more or less daily basis:

Not able to contact anyone, and therefore unable to cancel. Also unable to see the Ts and Cs. Email bounces and phones not answered.

Did not want to download the dialler, and wanted to cancel, but as no contact then money still being taken, also now unable to have internet access.

E-Mail By - Luke
Absolute piece of s**t dialler, sometimes works sometimes doesn't. Needs reloading every day. No replies to countless emails to their support. Telephone lines on an 0870 number are always engaged or you're put in a queue which you'll never get to the end of. Can't cancel the account because I can't get in touch. Can't access with Linux anymore as the dialler only supports MS OS(are they being supported by Mr Gates). Only option is over use and let them kick me off
E-Mail By - Rod
The new software is still not working, and support refuses to answer the phones or any e-mails, however I am able to download my e-mails via another provider.
E-Mail By - Andrew

We have had some contact with VitalData, although often get the run around treatment. ISP Review has now compiled a list of specifically consumer related questions (including the above concerns) and will pass them on in hope of a reply.

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